Look Out -- There's a Brand New 'Teen Mom' Feud in Town

mackenzie douthit

With one season of Teen Mom OG ending and another season of Teen Mom 2 beginning, drama is inevitable, but this is something we didn't expect. Sounds like Mackenzie Douthit and Briana DeJesus are feuding over Teen Mom 2, all because Briana got to join the cast while Mackenzie wasn't invited back. 


This week, Mackenzie liked a tweet where a fan asked if they could protest Briana joining the show, and Briana tweeted a screenshot of the conversation and asked "why?" Not that we blame her -- if Mackenzie's only beef with her is that Briana got to join the cast and she didn't, we'd be mad too.

Then again, there's always that chance something deeper is bubbling up under the surface, and their social media posts definitely seem to indicate that. Later, Mackenzie also mentioned that while she loves Briana, the feeling isn't mutual. Hmm ...

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We would have been pumped to see Mackenzie back again, but we're also excited Briana is coming back, especially since she just welcomed her second child, a baby girl named Stella. Maybe these two can find a way to bury the hatchet and move on? 

Oh, who are we kidding? it's inevitable that even more drama will come up when the season premieres later this month. But at least it keeps things interesting! 

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