Kailyn Lowry's New Photo Has Fans Convinced She's Having a Girl

kailyn lowry vacation

Third time's a girl? Kailyn Lowry doesn't have too much longer to go in her pregnancy -- and she hasn't revealed much in terms of details of her baby-to-be -- but fans are convinced Kailyn is having a girl after the Teen Mom 2 star posted a sweet Fourth of July photo.


Kailyn celebrated the Fourth with her two sons, Isaac and Lincoln, and her ex Javi Marroquin. Kail posted a cute photo with her kids -- and her adorable bump! -- in the back of her car, likely waiting for the fireworks to start. 

kailyn lowry sons

So cute, right? But the only things fans could notice was the way Kailyn was carrying. It seems everyone thinks she's having a girl this time around. 

More from CafeMom: 

"For sure it's a girl," one fan commented, while another wrote, "[Your] belly looks like a girl to me." And still another follower said, "Definitely carrying like a girl!"

Everyone carries differently -- and of course how many pregnancies a woman has had affects things -- so it's hard to say for sure if Kailyn is having a little lady this time around. But, let's be honest -- it would be cool.

After seeing Kailyn be an awesome mom to her two little boys, it would be so sweet -- and interesting -- to see her with a girl. Of course, whatever she has, he/she will be adorable and Kailyn will be thrilled. 

Kailyn is set to give birth in early August and, as she's done in the past, she's waiting to find out what she's having. So, like her, we're all going to have to wait and see. 

Here's to a happy and healthy final few weeks, Kailyn! We're all waiting with bated breath to see what you're having!

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