Rumor Has It Jenelle Evans Might Be Pregnant Again

jenelle and jace

Jenelle Evans's daughter may have only been on this earth for a matter of months, but it sounds like there's a chance this mama could have another on the way. Rumors that Jenelle is pregnant are running rampant, and it's all because of a few of her social media posts. 


According to The Hollywood Gossip, fans are raising their eyebrows now that Jenelle is employing a few of the techniques she used when she was trying to hide her pregnancy with Ensley.

Exhibit A: Jenelle shared a photo of herself promoting a flat tummy tea ... without actually showing her body in the photo. According to some, that's a little suspicious, and we have to agree. 

jenelle evans promoting

And then, there's Exhibit B, in which Jenelle's belly was supposedly looking rounder than usual in one of her Snapchat photos. Hmm ...

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But does this "evidence" actually mean she's pregnant, or is it just a coincidence? Our vote is on coincidence, because even though she's popped out three kids, she's never had two this close together before.

That doesn't mean we won't be on the lookout for more proof, though. If Jenelle really is expecting again, we want to know about it!

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