Mackenzie Standifer Lashes Out at Maci Bookout Over Ryan's Addiction

maci bookout crying

This season of Teen Mom OG ended with a ton of controversy after Ryan Edwards was caught on film while driving under the influence. And now his new wife Mackenzie Standifer is slamming Maci Bookout for how she handled the situation -- even though she was trying to get Ryan help. 


If you caught Monday night's reunion show, you already know that things got super tense between Maci and Mackenzie on stage. Mackenzie was pissed that Maci took so long to tell her about Ryan's addiction, since he could have died while she was waiting for the right time. Then again, it was a pretty delicate situation and Maci was obviously just trying to figure out the best way to handle it. 

Both of their sides make sense, but it's hard to judge who's right in this situation. What's important is that they both care about Ryan's health and safety -- and that finally, he was able to get the help that he needed when he entered rehab last month. 

And now that he's completed an inpatient program, it does seem like he's healthier and happier than ever before. That's the end goal, right? 

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We don't think this feud is going to end anytime soon though. There's been trouble brewing between Maci and Ryan's family all season long, between their arguments over custody and Maci stressing out about Ryan's addiction. We wouldn't be surprised if this continued to be a big part of the next season of Teen Mom OG ... as much as we hate it for everyone involved. 

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