11 Stars of MTV's 'The Hills,' Ranked

Zlata Faerman | Aug 28, 2017 TV
11 Stars of MTV's 'The Hills,' Ranked
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Lauren conrad

Before Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag, Audrina Patridge, and Whitney Port were moms or moms-to-be, they of course starred in The Hills, a spin-off of MTV's Laguna Beach. Other cast members to join in on the LA-based reality drama over the six season series included Lo Bosworth, Stephanie Pratt, Kristin Cavallari, Brody Jenner, Justin "Bobby" Brescia, and (my very personal favorite) Spencer Pratt.

The true "reality" of the show was fiercely criticized, thanks to various source comments and instances that provided evidence of its being scripted. Nevertheless, there were many characters we couldn't care less about ... and others we absolutely adored and wanted to hang out with. Here, all of the main Hills characters, ranked.

  • 11. Justin "Bobby" Brescia


    The guy who wore boots to the beach and caused countless heartaches for Audrina fuels our distaste for the character. But, that's what we try and remember ... that it's just a character he played. The worst of the worst and an obvious choice for #11.

  • 10. Audrina Patridge


    We dare you to find a change in Audrina's facial expressions throughout the show's series. She always had the same face on, regardless of what emotional state she was in. That takes true acting talent. She didn't contribute much to the show, and she never stood up for herself when it came to Justin Bobby. In the words of Randy Jackson, "That's gonna be a no for me, dawg." She's in right after her ex at spot 10.

  • 9. Stephanie Pratt


    Steph, sweetie, how dare you become friends with the nemesis of your brother? Though I'm super proud she is now clean after she kicked her crystal meth habit, I'm still not really a fan ... hi, number 9!

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  • 8. Kristin Cavallari

    Kristin Cavallari

    The beauty of this smarter-than-the-average-bear is that she makes you forget what type of person she was on the show, because of the time she's spent justifying it. Cavallari led the charge of popping that perfection bubble. Her countless interviews to media about how "fake the show was" and how she had to "play a character" really angered me. Ignorance is bliss, you know? Bottom line: She added unnecessary, not-exactly-entertaining drama -- and for that reason, she deserves the #8 spot.

  • 7. Lauren Conrad

    Lauren Conrad

    The Hills wouldn't have been a show without Lauren Conrad aka LC. You're either on her team, or you're not. I may be the anomaly, but I don't really believe Speidi had anything to do with her alleged sex tape with then-boyfriend Jason Wahler. This may be because I'm a huge Spencer Pratt fan now, but I kind of feel bad for him. In an interview with Us, he said LC is the reason he doesn't have a relationship right now with this mom or his sister. And that really sucks. So, she slides in right here at #7.

  • 6. Brody Jenner

    Brody Jenner

    Guys, do we need to really get into Brody Jenner as a character or can we stop right at the fact that he's an incredibly good-looking specimen of a human being who is apparently into kinky sex?

    Ugh, fiiiiiiiine. So, while he's hot and all that, let's discuss how he handled the LC/Jen Bunney situation. Maybe it was the volatile combination of testosterone and MTV cameras, but he was really shitty to LC. Cheers to sitting pretty at #6.

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  • 5. Frankie Delgado

    Frankie Delgado

    The "Scott Disick" of his time, Frankie Delgado was the supreme partygoer and man about town. His appearances on the show were used to escort his friends to the next awesome party. I can't get mad at that! Welcome to #5, Frankie. 

  • 4. Lo Bosworth

    Lo Bosworth

    A friend until the very end, Lo remained Team LC from start to finish -- and that type of dedication and respect is something to admire, regardless of what team you're actually on. True friends are hard to come by, which is why she's at number 4. #TeamLo!

  • 3. Whitney Port

    Whitney Port

    This girl gets the BFF award, because she was always consistently and unapologetically honest with her friends. Remember that scene when LC asked Whitney's opinion on this "hot guy" she'd just met? Whitney flat out said, "No!" She also turned down Brody Jenner, because he wasn't intellectual enough, which takes a certain amount chutzpah. (You know, because he's so freaking sexy.) All of that outright honest and loyalty earns her the #3 slot.

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  • 2. Heidi Montag


    A lot of us related to Lauren Conrad and how left out she felt when Heidi started spending a lot more time with her new boyfriend Spencer Pratt. On the flip side, many viewers related to Heidi ... because what's more fun than a new man who can potentially become the one you spend the rest of your life with? And that's exactly what happened. Spencer and Heidi are now (seemingly) happily married with a baby boy on the way. So, while you may not love that she chose a man over her friendship, it was for good reason. So, she deserves to come in at #2.

  • 1. Spencer Pratt

    Spencer Pratt

    Guys, I really like Spencer Pratt. Maybe you'll hate me after reading that statement, but it's true. He may have been portrayed like a monster on the reality show, but in the real life show of Spencer Pratt's social media channels, he just enjoys the simple life of good soup, plentiful burritos, healing crystals, and (most recently) hummingbirds. I can't wait to see what's in store when Heidi gives birth to their son. Hate me or love me, he's my #1. (Gasp!) And if you believe that gasp-worthy drama and excitement is what makes a reality show worth watching, he should be yours, too.

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