Farrah Abraham's Dad Gets Painfully Real About the Trauma She's Endured

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It's safe to say that they haven't always had the most tender and close relationship, but man -- Farrah Abraham's dad laid the smackdown after people started giving her a hard time on Twitter.


It all started when Farrah's emotional outbursts were questioned by certain Twitter users. It looks like this is where the drama started -- with Michael indicating that the Teen Mom OG star has been through trauma in her life.


Wait -- it gets worse. Much worse. When asked about "what trauma" he was referring to, Michael said that Farrah was raped.


And of course, the criticism didn't stop there ... 


His defense of Farrah continued, as he went on to let another hater know that Farrah is in therapy to work through what happened to her.


Wow. We're familiar with Farrah's accusations against James Deen back in 2015, when she claimed to have been sexually assaulted by him, but from the way Michael made it sound, it seems as though he's referring to something else entirely in this case, since he said it happened after the video was made.

One thing is for certain: Despite any rough points in their relationship in the past, it's perfectly clear that Michael loves his daughter very much, and would go to bat to protect her at a moment's notice.

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Even though the subject matter is sensitive and highly personal, we can't help but wonder if Michael standing up for Farrah will strengthen their bond and bring them closer together as time goes on. It's great to hear that Farrah is getting the help she needs to keep moving forward in her life, and to hopefully put the pain of her past behind her. 

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