Jenelle Evans Is Totally Twinning With Baby Ensley in New Pic

jenelle evans family

We already knew that Jenelle Evans's third baby, Ensley, looks just like her mom, but now there's no doubt in our minds that they're practically twins. In one of her latest Instagram photos, Jenelle and Ensley are identical -- and is it just us, or is this baby actually getting cuter by the day? 


Over the weekend, Jenelle posted a photo from Kaiser's birthday celebration at his daycare, and all we can say is ... whoa. Jenelle and Ensley both have basically the same face and smile. It's like looking at Jenelle's double.

jenelle evans and baby ensley

And OMG, Ensley in that dress -- way too cute! It seems like being mom to a daughter is suiting Jenelle well so far, because Ensley's always stylin' ... and we love to see such a big smile on her tiny face. And it definitely seems that Jenelle's been happier than she's been in a while herself, too! 

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We just can't get enough of these two! Fortunately, a new Teen Mom 2 season is right around the corner, and we can't wait to see Ensley in action. And her brothers, too. Who can deny Jenelle makes incredibly gorgeous babies? 

We don't want to jinx it, but it definitely does seem like Jenelle has finally found her happily ever after with David and their forever growing family ... and their brand new house. And after all the drama she's had in the past? It's about time.

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