Chelsea DeBoer's Post-Baby Body Just Got Even More Impressive

chelsea and cole deboer

Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer has been open about her mission to snap back into shape after having Watson earlier this year, and now, it looks like her hard work has definitely paid off! Chelsea is so tiny in a new pic that we can't even deal with it.


In the photo (which Cole shared on Instagram over the weekend), Chelsea is holding Watson in her arms and smooching him on the cheek. Obviously, they're a super cute pair any day, but we can't get over how fab she looks in her tank top and shorts. Chelsea, teach us your ways!

chelsea houska baby watson

And because Cole is the best husband ever, his caption on the photo was just as cute as the picture itself. "This is seriously a sight of pure beauty," he wrote. "I have so much love for these angels!" 

All together now: Aww.

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Judging by the comments on the pic, we're not the only ones freaking out about Chelsea's bod, and can we talk about her coordinating outfit with Watson?! Her shorts match his tank, because this is Chelsea and of course they do. 

Being that Chels and Cole are such big fans of all things Americana, we're so ready to see photos of their celebration on the 4th -- and even more cute outfits for Watson and Aubree that we know just have to be coming. Can we please come party with you guys?

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