Amber Portwood's Rumored Sex Tape Is Supposedly Still in the Works

Amber Portwood

We were pretty stunned last month when Amber Portwood admitted that she was considering making a sex tape with her her then-fiancé Matt Baier. But since the breakdown of their relationship over the past several weeks, we pretty much assumed the project had been shelved. So we were genuinely surprised to hear that Amber's sex tape may still be in the works.


The Teen Mom OG star hasn't responded to the claims that the tape may still be a go, but Vivid Entertainment CEO Steve Hirsch made it pretty clear that he's still interested in her doing it.

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When asked if Amber's contract for a sex tape was still valid, Hirsch told Radar Online, "We are always open to doing a movie with Amber." Someone probably should've asked if they were still open to working with Baier too, because something tells us no one is interested in watching him get it on on camera. Except for maybe him. We're guessing he's the kind of guy who would enjoy watching himself. Shivers.

Anyway, we're seriously hoping that Amber scraps this whole idea of a sex tape, because honestly, it's beneath her. We're more than a little suspicious as well that the whole thing was Matt's idea, and she only went along with it because she felt like she had to. 

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Matt has shown himself to be a shady dude over and over, and even though insiders are reporting that they're not completely broken up, we're sure hoping the end is imminent.

Then the whole notion of an Amber Portwood–Matt Baier sex tape can finally die the death it deserves.

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