Zach Roloff Totally Set an Example for Dads in the Delivery Room

Tori Zach Roloff

On last night's Little People, Big World finale, we got to see the birth of baby Jackson play out for the cameras. One of the highlights, by far, was seeing Zach and Tori Roloff discuss her upcoming C-section -- and hearing how fearless and curious Zach was about the birth process. He even said he thought of watching one of the more gasp-worthy aspects of the birth as a "bucket list moment."  


Ahead of giving birth, Tori shared with Zach that she's always seen giving birth as miserable, and a C-section as a "different kind of miserable."

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"Are you going to look? Don't look," she said to her her husband. "I would suggest don't look. I don't care if you look down at the incision, but from what I've heard, I would suggest don't look."

When he asked why, Tori explained, "They literally take your intestines out and put them on the table," to which Zach responded with a shocked look. But after giving it some thought, he said, "That's like a bucket list kind of thing! When will I ever be able to see someone's intestines?" 

Fair Q. Of course, Tori was concerned that even if he thought he'd be brave enough to take in all the graphic details, he might still pass out. While we're not exactly sure how it all played out in the delivery room, Zach's curiosity around the birth process is totally admirable.

And while it's not clear if he ended up looking, we know he was 100 percent there for his wife, in the delivery room, as they welcomed his son. And that was surely the true bucket list moment for the proud new dad.

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Here's the clip of the Roloffs' conversation, if you missed the episode last night.

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