'Teen Mom OG' Producer Accused of Giving Ryan Edwards His Pills

mackenzie standifer and ryan edwards

We're still reeling from Monday's Teen Mom OG finale -- especially having seen Ryan Edwards under the influence of drugs while driving. But could the crew working on the show have aided in his addiction? Farrah Abraham's on-again, off-again boyfriend Simon Saran claims a producer gave Ryan the Xanax he had taken that day. 


It was horrifying watching Ryan swerve while he was driving to his wedding with Mackenzie Standifer as he practically fell asleep at the wheel. At the time, he told Mackenzie that he hadn't taken a Xanax, but it was clear he had taken something, and now, there's a bit more evidence behind that theory. 

Earlier this week, Simon took to Twitter to accuse Teen Mom producer Kiki -- who we've seen on the show many times over the years -- of supplying Ryan with pills, voicing his opinion that an investigation needs to be done to get down to the bottom of exactly what happened that day.


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Obviously, if that's the situation, an investigation should absolutely be done, because Ryan and Mackenzie's lives were in danger in that car -- not to mention the lives of the other people on the road when they were. Ryan's addiction is scary enough on its own, and we'd hate to think that someone he works with and trusts could be supplying him.

We're glad that Ryan is facing his addiction head-on with rehab. Hopefully, he'll stay clean and healthy for himself and his new wife, not to mention Bentley. It would be awful to see him go down the wrong path again.

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