Maci Bookout Opens Up About Her Son Maverick's Health Problems

Maci Bookout

That third kid can sneak up on you -- quite literally in Maci Bookout's case. Maci and her husband Taylor McKinney were blindsided in 2015 when they discovered they were pregnant with baby number three, and from the sound of things, it was a bit rough there for a bit due to Maverick's unexpected health complications.


Maci has a new book out, I Wasn't Born Bulletproof: Lessons I’ve Learned (So You Don't Have To), in which she details what it was like to have her two youngest children so close together. "We never planned on my getting pregnant again so soon after [Jayde] was born," she wrote, according to People. "Maverick was totally unexpected. When I found out I was pregnant, Jayde was still a baby."

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She lamented that she didn't know how she was going to juggle three kids, including two babies. Bentley, her 8-year-old son with ex Ryan Edwards, was just starting sports and getting settled in school, and she recalled thinking, "There's not going to be enough of me to go around."

She was also filming for Teen Mom OG, and she and Taylor had just launched their own clothing line. To say she was spread thin was an understatement. "It took me a couple of months to wrap my mind around the change," Maci confessed. "It helped that Taylor and Bentley were very excited about the baby, but if truth be told I was terrified."

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To complicate matters even further, Maverick suffered from severe silent reflux after his May 2016 birth. "His pediatrician prescribed him medicine to reduce stomach acidity and help relieve the pain, but every time we gave it to him he would push it out with his tongue or he would get so upset that he would throw the medicine right back up," Bookout confessed.

We feel for Maci! No wonder she's made it clear in interviews since her third child's birth that she's done having biological kids. Although she and Taylor have talked adoption down the line, it seems like they have more than enough to keep them busy on the parenting front for a while.

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