15 Ways Catelynn Baltierra Always Inspires Us

Nicole Pomarico | Jun 29, 2017 TV
Image: MTV

Catelynn Lowell

Since we first met her on 16 & Pregnant, we've seen Catelynn Baltierra overcome some pretty serious obstacles. From placing Carly for adoption, to her struggle with depression, to building a family with Tyler, and everything in between, Catelynn has been through a lot. But she's managed to come out the other side a better, stronger person than ever, and we're so happy to see her dreams coming true.

Here are 15 times Catelynn has inspired us. We don't doubt that she'll continue to do so in the future. Nova is lucky to have such an awesome mama.

  • Placing Carly for Adoption


    On 16 & Pregnant, Catelynn's story was unique because she was the only mom on the show who chose adoption -- and she did it because she knew that was how she could give Carly the best life possible. Back then, it definitely seemed like the right decision, even though it was certainly difficult, and something she still seems to struggle with today.

  • She's Stayed in Carly's Life as Much as Possible


    It can't be easy to see Carly with her family, knowing how tough her choice was, but it's obvious Catelynn puts that aside so Carly can know how much she is loved. How precious was it to see her, Brandon, and Teresa at Cate and Ty's wedding? Carly is a lucky kiddo.  

  • She Always Tries to Help Butch


    Catelynn and Tyler have always had a weird relationship with Tyler's dad, Butch, but no matter how many times he goes back to jail because of his addiction, Cate is always there for him and tries to understand what he's going through. It's so awesome to see that Butch has those two in his life -- and that he was able to see them get married and be a part of Nova's childhood.

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  • She Got the Help She Needed for Her Depression


    Catelynn was struggling with depression, and rather than suffer alone, she chose to get help -- even though that meant being away from Tyler and Nova for a while. She put in the hard work to get better, and she only became stronger because of it. One day, Nova will understand that her mom is basically superwoman! 

  • She Always Wants to Help Others


    Regardless of what she's been troubled by herself, she always wants to help others. Exhibit A: When she and Tyler created their project Reunited, hoping to help estranged and adoptive families reunite for the first time. It's just one of the reasons we love her sweet personality.

  • She's Never Afraid to Ask for Help With Nova


    Raising an infant who turns into a very active toddler is no easy task, but Cate is never been afraid to ask for help with Nova when she needs it. All new moms need a bit of a hand sometimes! It's not easy to ask for help, but there's no doubt it's making her a better mom. 

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  • She Gave Her Mom a Second Chance


    If you've been watching the show from the beginning, you know that Catelynn and her mom weren't always on good terms. They used to have a really difficult relationship -- one that left Cate with a lot of emotional stuff to work out. But since then, they've formed a closer bond than ever before, and it's beautiful to see the way that Catelynn gave her a second chance. Good for her! 

  • She's Trying to Help Pregnant Teens


    This season on Teen Mom OG, Cate revealed that she and Tyler plan to donate some of the proceeds from their clothing line to foundations that help pregnant teenagers who were in the same position they were when they were younger -- and she even wants to help reduce the homeless population among them. This lady is about to do big things! 

  • She's Been So Honest About Her PPD


    Dealing with postpartum depression isn't easy for any new mom who has to struggle with it, but when Catelynn realized that was what she was going through, not only did she get the help she needed, but she also made the decision to speak openly about it to help other moms who are going through the same thing.

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  • Her Approach to Her Body Image Issues


    In the past, we've seen Cate struggle with her body image, trying to lose weight. And while she still seems to want to adopt healthier habits, it also seems like she's changed the way she approaches the situation, and it's beautiful to see. If you follow her on Instagram, she's constantly sharing images that drive home important points about the way we view ourselves and others. It's seriously inspiring, especially when you need a pick-me-up!

  • Her Honesty


    No matter how dark one of her thoughts might be, Catelynn isn't afraid to share it with the world, whether it's on social media or on Teen Mom. There's no doubt Cate is making tons of people around the world feel less alone if they struggle with the same things she does. It's not easy to be so open, but it's such a brave thing to do.

  • She Always Stays So Positive


    Despite what difficult stuff she's had to face in the past, these days, Catelynn is staying incredibly positive, and it seems to be doing wonders for her. It's awesome to see her so excited for what the future holds, even though things aren't always easy for her. Catelynn's sunny outlook is a great example for the rest of us! 

  • She Ignores All That Internet Hate


    Since she's a reality star, it goes without saying that Cate's been tossed around the rumor mill a time or two, but she never lets it get to her -- somehow. Even when she faced infidelity rumors earlier this year, she never doubted Tyler and let it all roll right off her back. That takes serious skill -- and confidence! 

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  • She's a Constant Source of Support for Tyler


    Does anyone doubt how much this girl loves her husband? This season, we got to see Cate supporting Tyler when he realized he's dealing with a bit of depression himself. Their relationship in itself is so inspiring, and we love the way she's always there for Ty, no matter what.

  • She Fosters a Relationship Between Nova & Carly


    Even though Carly and her parents live far away, Catelynn still makes sure that she's been able to have a relationship with Nova. And apparently, it's working, because how cute is this card?! It's adorable how cute those two are together when we've gotten to see it happen -- and it's insane how much they look alike already!