Simon Saran Takes a Seriously Low Blow at Farrah Abraham's Mom

Farrah Abraham, Simon Saran
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No love lost between these two! Farrah Abraham has always had a rocky relationship with her mother, and it seems like more and more, Simon Saran and Debra Danielsen aren't getting along either. In fact, their most recent feud is pretty dang harsh.


On this week's episode of Teen Mom OG, Deb and her fiancé David were on vacation with Farrah, Simon, and Sophia, and Farrah got into an epic fight with her mom and stepdad-to-be. The whole thing was finally over when they were all screaming "F--- you!" at each other, because of course they were fighting about respect, and what's more respectful than that?

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Anyway, a fan asked why Deb would put up with David acting that way, presumably because he's a) a grown man, and b) a doctor, while Farrah is notoriously temperamental and you can't choose your family anyway. To which she mentions Simon for some reason, calling him out as a liar.

That's when things got really nasty, because Simon responded back that Debra is just sad hanger-on, who is even considering putting Sophia in the middle of a custody battle just to get more screen time.

Simon Saran Twitter

Okay, that's pretty bad, but holy crap it got even worse. Just ... look.

Simon Saran Twitter

We have no idea if what Simon is saying is true and it doesn't even matter. Why even say it? Oh, because he's Simon, and he's a terrible person.

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The whole situation with Farrah and her mom and David is a hot mess as it is. Simon is only adding fuel to the fire to get everyone even more riled up and angry ... which leads us to the question -- who's begging for screen time now, Simon?

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