Kailyn Lowry Shuts Down Javi Marroquin After He Brags About His 'Success'

javi and kailyn

They might be divorced, but there's no chance the fighting between Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin is over quite yet. Yes, Kail and Javi are feuding again, and this time, it's not about custody or her pregnancy.


The latest smackdown between Lincoln's parents started when Javi posted a photo of his (very fancy) watch on Instagram, captioning the photo, "They scream out my failures, but whisper my accomplishments." Seems harmless, right? Um, not exactly.

 javi marroquin insta

Kail was quick to comment letting everyone know that was actually a watch she bought for him, not a result of his accomplishments, like Javi hinted. She wrote, "Still wearing the watch I bought you?" And of course, Javi clapped back, "Yeah reminds me of the good times we had." 

Do we detect a bit of sass in that reply? Will their fighting ever stop?

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Fortunately, it sounds like they'll both be pretty busy in the very near future, which means less time for arguing on Instagram. Before we know it, Kail's baby will be here, and Javi's already gearing up for the release of his first-ever book. It's an exciting time for them both, so they should enjoy it!

Whatever squabbles they have, we just hope Isaac and Lincoln are kept out of it. They shouldn't be put in the middle!  

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