Ryan Edwards's Alleged Drug Problem Is Scarier Than We Initially Thought

ryan edwards
Teen Mom finales usually keep us talking for days afterwards, but this time, Teen Mom OG gave us one we'll never forget. All season long, Maci Bookout has been hinting that her ex, Ryan Edwards, has been struggling with addiction, and on Monday night's episode, we finally got to see it for ourselves. Ryan practically fell asleep at the wheel in one scene, and it's obvious that he's way worse off than we realized.


MTV issued a warning right before that scene played, and they were right to. It was pretty upsetting to see Ryan almost nodding off, slurring his words and forming sentences that didn't quite make sense. And even though he denied taking Xanax to Mackenzie, it was clear that he'd taken something

What was also disturbing? The fact that Mackenzie wasn't too freaked out, she just wanted the cameras off. Had this happened before? Is this something she was used to? We would hate to think that Ryan is in that deep -- or that he was routinely putting his life and others in danger by driving under the influence of drugs.

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And even though all of this took place on the way to their last-minute secret elopement, it didn't stop them from getting married -- despite the fact that Ryan's mom, Jen, couldn't stop crying about how the most important people weren't present for it. 

It was incredibly troubling to see Ryan like this, especially when we think about Bentley ... and how heartbroken he would be if anything happened to his dad. No wonder Maci's been so scared for his safety! 

The good news? Ryan issued a statement claiming he's already been through a rehab program and he's doing better already. Hopefully, that's the truth, and he's getting the help he needs. We want him happy and healthy!

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