Jenelle Evans Rips into Fan Who Asks If David Eason Has AIDS

Jenelle Evans David Eason

Haven't Teen Mom fans learned by now not to troll Jenelle Evans? The mom of three recently shot back at one Internet user who suggested that her fiancé David Eason has AIDS.


Jenelle shared an ultra adorable photo of David and her baby daughter Ensley asleep on the couch together, and captioned it, "#DadMode gets ya tired sometimes." In the pic, you can clearly see his vitiligo, which is a skin condition that affects pigment.

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David Eason and Ensley

Apparently not everyone thought it was just a sweet snapshot of a baby and her daddy, and one person commented, "Does he have aids whats up with his hand?"

Um, how someone thinks a skin pigment issue relates to AIDS in any way is beyond us, but some people just love to ruffle feathers. Jenelle wasn't going to let it slide though, and she commented with force against the troll.

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The 25-year-old slammed the user, saying, "It's called vitiligo you f--king idiot. It's a loss of pigment in your skin. People are models these days for it. You need to research STDs if you don't know wtf AIDS does to you.... and def don't do that s--t to your skin like that. Maybe you're the one with AIDS and don't even know cuz your as dumb as a box of rocks my friend."

We don't blame her for being upset. AIDS is obviously a seriously scary disease, and it's nothing to throw around lightly as an insult.

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