Adam Lind Has Now Been Accused of Neglecting His Daughter

adam lind daughter

When news broke earlier this month that Adam Lind has lost custody of his daughter Paislee, thanks to his alleged drug use, we didn't think things could get any worse, but it sounds like it has. In other documents from their case, Adam was accused of neglecting Paislee by her mom, Taylor Halbur. 


According to court papers obtained by Radar Online, Taylor detailed a time when she came to pick up Paislee only to find that the 3-year-old had been playing unsupervised -- supposedly while Adam was taking a nap. 

Taylor said: 

"I approached the house and began knocking on the garage. There was no response, so I proceeded to the front door of the home. I did not get a response from the door either. Ultimately, I just opened the door and went in. I finally saw Adam and he advised me he had just woken up from a nap. I understand he was sleeping in his bedroom away from Paislee. I did not see any other adult around at the time." 

That definitely doesn't sound good, and that's not all Taylor had to share.

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Also in the documents were Taylor's claims that her daycare provider notices a marked change in Paislee's behavior after she's spent a day with her dad. She is supposedly "more tired than she is usually, and sleeps in much later."

After finding out this information, it's no surprise that Taylor would want to limit Adam's custody of Paislee to supervised visitation only. We wonder if this will affect what Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer decides to do next with Adam and Aubree? We just want the little ones to remain safe! 

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