Catelynn & Tyler Baltierra's Clothing Line Lands Them in Hot Water

catelynn and tyler baltierra

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra may have just launched their latest business venture, but it's already getting negative reviews. Yep, that's right: Cate and Ty are already facing major backlash for their clothing line ... and it's all because of one photo. 


It all started last Friday, when the Teen Mom OG stars shared a photo of one of their newest pieces on their Tierra Reign Instagram account, featuring a child model, which has since been deleted. But if you saw the pic while it was still up, it was easy to realize why people were offended -- she's wearing a choker and a lacy top as she stares into the distance. It all seems way too mature for a kiddo that age.

And, as usual, fans didn't hold back when they arrived in the comments with their pitchforks, letting the newly minted clothing designers know that they felt the look was totally inappropriate.

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Fortunately, Tyler has already addressed the issue, and it seems like he'll be taking this kind of feedback into consideration in the future. He shared a photo of Nova wearing the same tank, and we have to admit that on her (and with a smile on her face), it seems way more kid-friendly. 

In his caption, he explained that the model, Emma, was wearing a tank that was too big, since they didn't have her size in stock during the shoot, and a lot of what he had to say made sense. Tyler wrote: 

"We also bought a whole bunch of accessories for the shoot & let the kids decide on what they wanted to wear. Emma liked the choker necklace lol! Anyway... here is the tank on Novalee in the appropriate size. I know not everyone will like our style & that's totally okay! But I wanted you guys to know that I am paying attention & appreciate all the feedback... good or bad, it helps the business grow in the right direction." 

What an awesome response from Tyler! Judging by the other clothes they've shown off from their line, it seems like this was just a one-time mistake. We'll wait until they release everything to make the final call! 

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