16 Reasons Kailyn Lowry Doesn't Need a Man

CafeMom Contributors | Jun 30, 2017 TV
16 Reasons Kailyn Lowry Doesn't Need a Man

Kailyn Lowry

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry has proven time and time that she has this whole mom-of-three thing down just fine on her own. While some may be wondering who she'll date next and when or if she'll marry again, we're confident that this lovely lady is going to be fine no matter what happens -- so stop sweating who Kailyn needs to be booed up with ... 'Cause quite frankly, she doesn't need a man.

Kail has proven she's got the whole parenting game down, along with bringing in the checks to provide for her family. Whether she's cheering on 7-year-old Isaac and 3-year-old Lincoln during their martial arts endeavors, juggling life with her little baby Lo, jet-setting to a much-needed vacay, or penning page-turning books -- one of which earned a New York Times Best Seller seal -- like Olivia Pope, this mama has got things #handled.

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If Kailyn chooses to settle down, great. And if she decides to continue living her best independent woman live, great. Read on for the 16 ways Kailyn Lowry has shown that she doesn't need a man -- and why being a single mother of three isn't a bad thing.

  • She's Got Her Girls


    If there's one thing a gal needs in life, it's her female friends -- and from the looks of things, Kailyn's got a lot of people in her life she can reach out to for support and love at any time. Lucky girl.

  • She's Taking Solo Vacations Like a Boss


    A solo babymoon? You better believe it. Kail took a trip by herself to Puerto Rico and got to catch up on a little relaxation before the new baby comes -- to which we say: Go, girl.

  • She's Traveling With the Kiddos


    Vacationing with two boys while pregnant is one thing. But doing all these things as a single mama? Don't worry -- Kail's got it covered, and she's handling everything like the boss that she is.

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  • She's Gotten Her Degree


    Kailyn got her BA in mass communications from Delaware State University in May 2017. Did you know she also started the Kailyn Lowry Scholarship? Get it, Kail! Moving onward and upward, always.

  • She's Got the Right Attitude


    See that message on the back of Kailyn's jacket there? It says "Beat it." We kinda get the feeling that message is for anyone who's going to waste her time or try to bring her down in life -- especially as she's worked so hard and come this far. She's not letting anyone get in her way, and we love her for it.

  • She's Mingling With the Big-Time


    At the MTV Movie & TV Awards, Kailyn got the rub shoulders with some of the biggest stars in the biz -- check her out here with DJ Khaled. She's getting to do her thing and get a taste of the glam life now and then, too -- not a bad deal, right? Looks like our girl is having fun and staying busy.

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  • She's More Smokin' Than Ever


    Pregnant Kailyn is feelin' herself and it shows! "Yessssss girl. This pic is giving me life," one commenter wrote. Kail looks happier and better than ever -- just more proof she's got it all together on her own.

  • She's Got the Support of the Other Teen Moms


    The other Teen Mom gals definitely know a thing or two about drama and the ups and downs of life -- and Kailyn knows she's got her MTV family to keep her going when things get tough. Check out this pretty pic of Kail with Amber at the MTV Movie & TV Awards. Looking great, ladies!

  • She's Got Her Fur Babies Too


    Is there anything sweet doggies can't do? They can certainly bring a lot of love and sunshine into a person's life, especially when that person needs it most. We love this cute snap of Kail's pups. "Sunbathing," she captioned the pic.

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  • She's Working Hard


    Kailyn's got so many different projects and business ventures going on, and she's managed to handle them all so well, all while being a fantastic mom. She's clearly a superwoman -- and she's doing just fine on her own.

  • She Believes in Herself


    On her Instagram, Kail often shares inspirational quotes, like the one pictured here. It's evident that Kailyn believes in herself and stays focused to achieve her dreams -- and that's all thanks to her hard work.

  • She's Looking to the Future


    In her home office, Kail has a sign that says "The best is yet to come." We love that our girl is always looking ahead and keeping up the positivity in life, even when things get tough. It shows that she's able to get through anything with the right attitude.

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  • She's Accomplished So Much


    Look at how many books Kailyn has out! She has accomplished so much despite the turmoil she has experienced in the past. She was able to build a great life for herself, all thanks to her strength and determination. And she's helping others by sharing wisdom in her books.

  • She's Raising Amazing Kids


    The caption for this adorbs photo of Isaac reads as follows: "so proud of Isaac getting high honors and being the reader of the day at school this week ❤️❤️ #momofboys." Go, Isaac! And go Mom for raising amazing children.

  • She's Fearless


    You've gotta be pretty fearless to jump out of a plane, right? As Kail captions here: "Finished ground school for AFF but it was too windy to jump alone today... Working tandem." Seriously, is there anything Kail can't do?! 

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  • She's Got This Motherhood Thing Down Pat


    It's obvious Kailyn is a wonderful mama to her kiddos, and we have no doubt she's going to continue slaying the motherhood game no matter what life throws her way, and no matter who she's with (or not with!). Get 'em, Kail.

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