Kendra Wilkinson Calls Out Farrah Abraham for Her Racist Comments

Farrah Abraham

What was she thinking? Farrah Abraham is no stranger to starting feuds, but it sounds like she may have gone too far on this one. The 26-year-old apparently made some racist remarks about one of her Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars -- Family Edition costars, and another castmate wasn't having it.


On Friday night's season finale, Kendra Wilkinson Baskett calls out the Teen Mom OG star for making some racially insensitive comments about Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's mother Paula Johnson.

Last week, Farrah got into an argument screaming match with Paula Johnson, which ended with her being taken out of the room by security while yelling, "This is some trailer park trash! Disgusting black piece of sh--!" Just for good measure, Farrah added, "When I go f--- your son, I'll send you a picture."

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In a confessional on Friday night's episode, Kendra vows to speak up against Farrah, as it hits especially close to home for her. Kendra is married to Hank Baskett, who is African-American, and they have two kiddos together.

"I don’t throw out the f---ing race card like that. This bitch didn't just offend Paula, she offended my husband and my kids, me," explains Wilkinson. "You're going f---ing down, dude."


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Kendra told People magazine about the incident, "Farrah was supposed to have self-control and she voluntarily picked on [Paula] for her own amusement and for her own rating or whatever and I didn't like it all. You're picking on someone who's highly vulnerable and who's highly not in self-control. I didn't like it all. I spoke my mind."

We don't blame her for speaking out about it! Somehow though, we highly doubt Farrah will be changing her pot-stirring tune anytime soon.

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