Adam Lind's Social Media Posts About Drugs Are Downright Scary

Adam Lind

Remember the good old days, when Adam Lind swore he was cleaning himself up and turning his life around? Yeah, not so much, as the case may be. In addition to testing positive to having significant amounts of drugs in his system recently, it seems as though the Teen Mom 2 star even bragged about doing hard drugs on social media.


Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer's ex has had limited, court-ordered, supervised visitation with their daughter Aubree for years, but he recently lost his visitation and custody rights with his other daughter too.

Taylor Halbur took Adam to court over custody of their daughter Paislee when she suspected that he was using heavy drugs while the tot was in his care. As part of her case, she submitted Adam's alleged social media activity, in which he bragged about doing drugs, drinking heavily, and also made racist comments.

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Radar Online got ahold of Tay's January 2017 filing against Lind, in which she included several pages of documentation of his private social media accounts. One meme read, "When that hit of cocaine starts to kick in," and another time he updated his Facebook status to, "Late nights and drinking at the shop."

In March, he posted a photo of himself and a buddy with a bottle of Jack. He also commented, "We will be for too drunk this weekend for all that noise. Bon fire my place I got baby girl so gunna be nice chill night close friends and cold beer."

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Nice that he was bragging about getting drunk while his little girl was in his care. Not. But what would you expect from someone who also wrote, "Well by the amount of dope I do I'll be up for 3 days. My vision is getting weak from old age ... and I got the shakes from withdrawals from all hard drugs I do ... so sorry."

Lind also used racial and homophobic slurs, because of course he did. Taylor provided evidence of his writing, "I was skinny and fat? You stupid n****r all you're gonna do is run your mouth ... you won't show ... stay behind your phone where you're safe," and "Any u f*gs wana swing over to my garage tonight?"

Ugh. No matter how many times Adam claims MTV is making stuff up about him for the show, he always manages to show his true colors.

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