15 Things You Never Knew About Adam Lind

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15 Things You Never Knew About Adam Lind

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Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind's life has been fodder for tabloids ever since we first met him on 16 and Pregnant. There's a lot we see on the MTV series and read about in the gossip rags -- but then there are the things that we had no idea about.

Adam has seen his share of drama, ups and downs, and chaos -- and we don't wish bad things on anybody, especially not a father of two. We're hoping Adam can stay on the straight-and-narrow and be the best dad he can be for this beautiful girls. 

Read on for 15 things about the notorious Teen Mom 2 baby daddy that you probably didn't know.

  • Adam Was Involved in a Fiery Car Crash


    Adam posts a lot about cars -- car shows, races, "no prep drags," you name it. He's even posted about his corvette with custom headlights, too. But he was driving awfully fast when he slammed his 'vette into an 87-year-old woman's car in 2014. His car burst into flames after he was pulled from the wreck. Luckily everyone survived!

  • Adam Was Part of a Nude Photo Scandal


    After one of Adam's exes posted an old pic of him biting her naked rear end, things got a little cray. Adam reportedly hit the roof and asked her to take it down, as he was trying to better his own reputation and feared it would make him look bad. But apparently he was the one who'd dared her to post it, as shown by the texts his ex-gf shared on social media. (Make up your mind, dude!)

  • Adam Claims Randy Houska Bullied Him


    After Adam became aware of an Instagram account that was apparently dedicated to smack-talking him and tearing him down, he said he suspected that Chelsea's dad Randy was the one behind it. Adam sarcastically wrote on social media: "He's always been a big fan of mine ... takes so much time out of his busy day to update his own twitter and what not to talk about me."

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  • Adam's Fave Band Is Slipknot


    Adam has made his love for Slipknot and its frontman Corey Taylor quite clear with all his Instagram posts about their music. Pictured here is a tattoo Adam got in tribute to the group, in which the "S" stands for Slipknot and the surrounding skulls represent the band members, according to Adam himself. He called them "hands down best band in the history of rock/metal" and has some of Corey Taylor's lyrics tattooed on his ribs.

  • Adam's Fave Movie Is 'American History X'


    "Favorite movie of all time!" Adam wrote on Insta alongside a still from the 1998 Edward Norton film. "Love this movie!" he wrote in another post.  

  • Adam Shared a 'Nude' Photo


    "Well I tried to copy the Adam levine photo...can't wait for the shit talking!" Adam wrote alongside a nude pic he posted to the 'gram. Yep. Well, at least (someone's) hands is covering his naughty bits? It's also not the first time he's shared some risqué shots.

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  • Adam's a Certified Personal Trainer


    It's clear from looking at Adam's photos that the dude knows his way around a gym -- and he's got the credentials to prove it. Check out the personal trainer certification he posted to Instagram in August 2015.

  • Adam Named His Pups After 'Sons of Anarchy' Characters


    "Her name is gemma .. From the sons!" wrote Adam of one of his pups. The other doggy? Jax! Yep, Adam's a fan of the FX series Sons of Anarchy -- he named his dogs after Gemma and Jax Teller, mother and son from the show.

  • Adam's Got Tats of His Girls' Names


    Adam wrote alongside this pic of his tattoo of his daughters' names (Paislee Mae and Aubree Skye): "Ppl have been asking for a pic of the girls names on my leg the symbol means father ..."

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  • Adam's Buds With Babs!


    "Babs!" was all Adam wrote alongside this shot that features the one and only Barbara Evans herself. Teen Mom 2 fans will appreciate that Jenelle Evans's mama is buddies with the rest of the cast. After Adam posted this pic to Insta, fans blew up his comments section with comments about how awesome it was. We can't blame 'em!

  • Adam's Documented His Body Transformation


    Anyone who's taken a look at Adam's Instagram page knows that the man is all about that gym life. He's documented his transformation on social media and has been vocal about wanting to help others achieve their fitness goals. Alongside this before-and-after pic, Adam wrote, "Just a lil over 2 years in the gym now [...] many more years to come ... Left pic 140ish lbs right pic 208lbs."

  • Adam's Pals With Jeremy & Corey


    Adam wrote "Good times boys!" alongside this pic of him in New York City with fellow Teen Mom 2 baby daddies/costars Jeremy Calvert and Corey Simms, both of whom are ex-husbands of Leah Messer. We can only imagine what kind of mischief these dudes have gotten into together.

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  • Adam Once Rocked This 'Stache


    "Bringin it back this winter," wrote Adam when he posted this selfie in August 2015. Comments ranged from "No no! Lol not good look" to "Bahaha! Awesome!" What do you think -- yay or nay?

  • Adam Exposes His Text Convos With the Media


    In this text screenshot Adam posted to Instagram, Adam suggests to an OK! magazine reporter that she report on something positive he did. He captioned the post: "Wonder how long it will take her to write this story ?? O wait ... Its something positive." He even went on to post a text exchange with a journalist from OK! in which he calls her out about the story she wants to write.

  • Adam's Got 'Frozen' Fever


    Apparently no one can resist the Frozen heroines' charm -- not even tough dude Adam Lind, especially since daughter Aubree appears to be a fan. Or maybe not? Adam wrote with this pic, "Lil miss Aubree Skye was camera shy Lol... She wishpered in ear that she thought Elsa was going to freeze her so she can't look at her." Aw!

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