Jenelle Evans Captures the Reality of Motherhood in One Unfortunate Photo

Jenelle Evans baby

Talk about perfect timing! Jenelle Evans's latest picture of Ensley perfectly captures the joys of parenting -- in the grossest way possible. The Teen Mom 2 star captured her baby mid-spit-up, and the result is pretty epic.


Jenelle shared the selfie of her and her daughter on Wednesday, clearly after a feed. She added a cute filter to the photo, but not even fuzzy animal ears and noses could detract from the near-Exorcist level of goop coming out of her infant's mouth.

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"Our burping session today was a little messy," she added in the caption, and she's definitely right about that!

Jenelle Evans and baby Ensley

Yup. That's motherhood. Just as soon as you think you have everything under control -- vomit everywhere. Jenelle's fans loved the candid shot, with comments ranging from, "Hilarious...real moms, real life!" to "Haha this is freaking adorable."

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It's definitely a pic she'll be able to keep and embarrass her daughter with someday! And isn't that really what parenting is all about?

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