Is DeMario Jackson Headed Back to 'Bachelor in Paradise'? Here's What We Know

demario jackson
Craig Sjodin/ABC
Bachelor in Paradise season 4 has already been action packed -- and it hasn't even finished filming yet. Now that the show has announced its plans to pick back up, we've been wondering if that means DeMario Jackson will be there for round two, and it seems we have our answer. DeMario won't be returning to Bachelor in Paradise ... not that we blame him.


On Wednesday, sources close to the production said that he'd been extended an invite to come back, but now it sounds like he shut that one down real quick. TMZ is reporting that he refused to accept, in part due to the emotional and psychological effects this scandal has had on him.

According to what sources close to the former Bachelorette contestant tell TMZ, now that the show has found no evidence of misconduct during filming, DeMario is having enough stress and anxiety that he has reportedly started seeing a therapist. And on top that, he's also allegedly worried his name will forever be tied to a sex scandal, even though the investigation cleared his name. 

So what's next for him? He wants to put reality TV behind him and pursue a career as an on-air personality. Hmm...

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TMZ also added that Corinne hasn't been invited back, although we assumed that already -- and considering she's still working with her lawyer to conduct her own investigation, it never seemed likely that she would choose to go back anyway. 

If DeMario truly is struggling this much after this incident, we hope he's able to move on as quickly as possible. And as soon as BIP returns, fans will be distracted with the drama between the remaining contestants and less focused on him, so maybe that will help? 

We're relieved that DeMario seems to be innocent in this case, and we can't wait to watch BIP this summer. Hopefully, everything goes smoothly from here!

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