Amber Portwood Calls Matt Baier Out for Being a 'Pathological Liar'

Amber Portwood Matt Baier

We were worried Amber Portwood would never leave Matt Baier, but now, she's finally seen the light. Amid rumors that they've finally split for good, Amber recently called Matt out for being controlling. Is this the final straw?


During Teen Mom OG's Unseen Moments special on Monday night, Amber was shown an unsettling clip of Matt and his controlling ways. Apparently, he holds onto her driver's license at all times ... and also pays her bills.

Wait, what? Amber's an adult, so shouldn't she be responsible for her financial stuff and her license? There's not much a grown woman can do without a license, so if Matt's keeping it from her, that means she may be unable to drive or leave without his permission, and that's a scary thought to entertain. 

And that's not all: Amber also took the opportunity to call Matt a "pathological liar" that night.

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Considering the number of times shocking new info about Matt has come out in the news over the past couple of years, we can't exactly blame her -- and it's taken this lady long enough to realize it! Amber said on the special: 

"He needs help. If he wants this relationship to work he needs to change his lying."

Will this relationship work? Will they actually end up getting married, or has Amber finally seen the light? We're hoping this mama does whatever is best for her and Leah. And if she does stick with Matt, he better get his act together! 

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