Zach Roloff Was Rushed to an Emergency Doctor's Visit Before Baby J Was Born

zach and tori roloff TLC

In real time, we know Zach Roloff just celebrated his first Father's Day with newborn Jackson Kyle. Tori Roloff can't get enough of seeing her husband in "dad mode," and all seems very well, if not downright buoyant, in the new parents' household! But on Little People, Big World last night, audiences got a glimpse of a scary incident that happened before baby J was born: Zach rushed to his doctor for an emergency visit.


Stressed out about Tori's upcoming C-section (dwarfism causes issues during childbirth for the mother, so they preemptively scheduled a C for Jackson) and worked up about Tori's stress, Zach leaned on his mom, Amy. "Tori's stressed out of her mind, and super uncomfortable," he said. "The dwarfism factor .... Emotions are super high. It's not going to stop until the baby really comes."

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All of the pressure mounted until he found himself suffering from a bout of nausea and a severe migraine. He was with his twin brother Jeremy and sister-in-law Audrey when it all hit, and they ended up going to Zach's doctor for an emergency visit. Zach lamented that "it's never been this bad." Ugh!

Thankfully, his doctor was able to help him with two shots to address dehydration, pain, and elevated blood pressure -- all symptoms his doctor chalked up to severe anxiety (as opposed to an issue stemming from his shunt, which was surgically implanted in his skull to drain excess fluid as a child).

Thank goodness he was able to get the care he needed and feel better before baby J's birth! But fingers crossed he's also working toward a long-term anti-anxiety plan with his doctor and Tori.

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This incident was a scary but all-too-real example of how stress can really mess with your wellness. As Amy Roloff put it, "Until that baby arrives, you don't even know what stress is!" So, now that prenatal stress has turned to #parentlife for Zach and Tori, a surefire stress management plan will be even more key! 

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