DeMario Jackson Has Been Invited Back to 'Bachelor in Paradise'

demario jackson

Even though we totally thought it was a goner, Bachelor in Paradise is officially coming back, and as it turns out, one of the contestants involved in the scandal might be returning too. DeMario Jackson has been asked to come back to Bachelor in Paradise, but will he actually take the show up on its invitation? 


According to what sources close to BIP tell Us Weekly, now that they've found no evidence of misconduct, producers want DeMario to return. The former Bachelorette contestant has yet to announce what his plan is, so the jury's still out on whether he said yes or no. Reportedly the show will pick filming back up early next week, so we'll know what decision he made soon enough.

As far as Corinne Olympios is concerned? No word on whether or not she received the same invitation -- or if she'd even go back if she did. 

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But considering that it looked like BIP was gone forever, maybe we should just be happy it's coming back at all? If DeMario chooses to sit this round out, we wouldn't exactly blame him.

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