Check Out the Trailer for Farrah Abraham's New Reality Dating Show

farrah abraham bathing suit

If you are so fed up with seeing Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran's on-again, off-again relationship, good news -- she might be with someone new soon! The trailer for Farrah's dating show is here, and it promises to be just as ridiculous as we hoped.


The show -- which is called Single AF -- follows seven reality stars (most of whom are British) who will be living together in a house in Paris as they date their social media admirers. It's definitely an interesting premise, and who doesn't love a good dating show? And with Farrah involved, there's sure to be drama.

Here's the trailer: 

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Unfortunately, the promo doesn't reveal anything from the show besides the cast, so we'll have to wait to see clips and things like that. But from the description alone, it sounds like it's something right up our alley, and we're so jealous of the MTV UK viewers who get to watch it every week! 

Dating fans is a new concept, but maybe it'll work for Farrah? This girl needs to find someone who loves her as much as she loves herself ... and that wasn't the case for Simon. Maybe this will finally be what works for her? We can't wait to see how things work out.

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