Warner Brothers Has Reached a Conclusion in the 'Bachelor in Paradise' Scandal Investigation

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The investigation is complete, yet we somehow have more questions than ever. TMZ is reporting that Warner Bros. has concluded that there was "no sexual assault" in the case of the Bachelor in Paradise sex scandal involving Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson.


Earlier this month, production of Bachelor in Paradise was shut down after an alleged sexual encounter took place in the pool between the two reality stars. Reports have been varied, with Corinne claiming that she was too intoxicated to consent to sexual contact, while other supposed witnesses have claimed that they saw her at the time and she was lucid to the point of being able to carry on a conversation.

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Just this week, a source claimed that Corinne didn't remember anything from the time of the assault -- only taking a shot of tequila after several other drinks during the day. Meanwhile, DeMario has claimed that his character "has been assassinated," and even that Corinne was the aggressor in the situation.

Despite what everyone has said, or allegedly said, Warner Bros. has completed the investigation and found that no sexual assault took place. Furthermore, DeMario's lawyer apparently met with the studio on Monday, and they reviewed the tapes and "assured him he was in the clear," TMZ reports.

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Of course now we're all left wondering what the heck actually happened in that pool. Furthermore, what's going to happen with the show? We've heard that production was shut down completely for the season, and maybe even for good, but will it be back?

We still have so many questions.

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