Adam Lind Loses Custody of His Daughter After Failed Drug Test

adam lind daughter

Dude. What is wrong with this guy? We've always known that Adam Lind wasn't the best dad, and the court reportedly agrees. The dad of two just had custody rights of one of his daughters stripped away, after testing positive for meth and amphetamine just hours before he was supposed to pick her up.


The Teen Mom 2 star failed a drug test back in April -- his third one in a row. According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, we now know that he tested positive for 351ng/mL of amphetamine and 837ng/mL of methamphetamine, which authorities called "a substantial amount of meth."

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But the worst part? He had the drugs in his system just hours before he was supposed to pick up Paislee (his daughter with Taylor Halbur) for his weekend visitation. The report read, "The methamphetamine result in his system was substantial and this was just over 24 hours before he was to have the parties' minor child."

Taylor was apparently the one taking him back to court, and she seems to have won her case, as his custody and visitation rights of Paislee have been suspended indefinitely. But where does that leave Aubree, his daughter with Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer?

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A source told Radar that Chels "is going to enforce the court's order that Adam's visits with Aubree be strictly supervised." We know from the show that that has not always been enforced, as Adam has been caught on camera without his parents being present, even though they are the court-appointed supervisors.

It's so sad that Aubree and Paislee's dad can't seem to get his crap together and be a decent human being and father, but at least their mamas are taking steps to ensure their safety. Hopefully someday Adam really will clean himself up -- we're just not going to hold our breath.

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