Farrah Abraham's Hatred of Debra's Fiancé Hits New Levels

debra sophia and farrah

Sometimes we wish we could be on Teen Mom OG, and sometimes it just seems way too stressful ... and this week's episode was one of those stressful times. All the moms have big things going on in their lives, but not all of them are good -- especially while Farrah struggles with accepting Debra's boyfriend, David, as her future stepfather.


Now that David and Farrah are engaged, you might take the family's vacay to Key West as an opportunity for everyone to bond and grow closer, right? Wrong. Farrah's bad attitude about the whole thing didn't exactly help, but neither did David ignoring her when she was trying to talk to him ... or refusing to join the fam in go karting. Basically, it's a huge mess. 

And bringing Simon along just to piss her mom off? Hysterical, definitely, but totally unnecessary, especially since she's trying to distance herself from him. When will these two learn?!

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Then, there's Amber, who's still upset that Gary won't give her more time with Leah. Celebrating Easter together was definitely a step in the right direction, though, although hammering Kristina with questions about why she'd get together with someone as unattractive as Gary is not going to help her case. 

Oh, and the state of her engagement to Matt is still a big question mark in Teen Mom OG time, even though we now know that they've split. So awkward seeing them together now with that information! 

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And can you believe that Catelynn and Tyler are trying to move again? They legit just moved into their house, but now that they've fallen in love with an octagon-shaped home from the 1800s, they can't help but put an offer in on it ... sight unseen. But from what they showed us, we can't exactly blame them. That house is gorg! 

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And finally, poor Maci, who's still trying to figure out the best way to handle Ryan's addiction situation. All she wants is to help him get better, but if Jen and Larry aren't going to help her with an intervention, how far can she actually get? 

For the record, the wedding dress Mackenzie picked out is beautiful, but will any of that matter if her husband-to-be doesn't get himself healthy? We hope to see a happy ending for all of them before the season is through. They've been through so much! 

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