Chris Soules Update: Toxicology Report Results Have Been Released

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Since news broke that Chris Soules was arrested following an accident that took the life of fellow farmer Kenneth Moser, it's hard to know how to feel about such a horrific tragedy. But with so many rumors going around, what's the truth about what happened that night? Now we know one thing for sure -- Chris did not have drugs or alcohol in his system the night of the crash. 


According to documents filed by Chris's lawyers, the toxicology report proved he was totally clean in both a blood and a urine test. That means that Chris won't be charged with anything alcohol-related, just the initial charge of leaving the scene.

As Yahoo! reported, the documents said:  

"A report issued by the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation's (DCI) Criminalistics Laboratory, Mr. Soules specimens were negative for drugs and alcohol. The DCI conducted thorough toxicology texting on two separate samples -- his urine and blood -- and conclusively determined no detectable amounts of alcohol or drugs were in either specimen."   

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Another interesting tidbit? His lawyers also want everyone to refrain from calling Kenneth Mosher the "victim" in this incident. 

The paperwork went on to say: 

"Mr. Soules, like all other accused persons in the State of Iowa, is presumed innocent. . . The State has not charged Mr. Soules with any crime asserting he is criminally responsible for the death of the decedent. Thus, it is wholly improper for the state or any witness to refer to the decendent as a 'victim' since such a reference inaccurately characterizes the events relevant to the instant charge."

We're glad to hear that Chris wasn't drinking that night. Hopefully, the case will continue to progress and resolve as quickly as possible -- for everyone involved.  

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