Corinne Olympios's Boyfriend Fully Supports Her After 'Bachelor in Paradise' Scandal

corinne olympios boyfriend
Jen Lowery/Splash News

She's doing her best to get back to normal, and it looks like she has at least one major source of support. Corinne Olympios was spotted out with her boyfriend, and they both seemed pretty casual.


Over the weekend, Corinne went on a lunch date with her boyfriend Jordan Gielchinsky, who sources say is standing by her in the wake of the Bachelor in Paradise sex scandal.

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We don't know for sure what happened, but Corinne claims to have been a victim in the scenario in which she says she was too intoxicated to consent to sexual contact in the pool with DeMario Jackson. Despite the horrific shaming against her on social media, Corinne has also received a lot of support from her fans, and now it looks like her man is standing by her side -- literally and figuratively.

Jordan was apparently supportive of his girlfriend filming Bachelor in Paradise, and the two of them agreed that she wouldn't hook up with anyone while she was there. She reportedly just wanted to get some publicity for her new clothing line, and planned to leave the show after a couple of episodes.

Then filming got shut down and everyone got sent home after the first day, and the investigation into the alleged assault continues as Corinne tries to move forward with life at home.

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According to TMZ, Jordan was "initially upset" when he learned that Corinne was caught in a sexual encounter with a castmate, but quickly changed his tune when he heard the whole story. He believes that she was too impaired to give consent, and that producers should have intervened to protect her.

While we can't know all the details about what happened in Mexico, it's clear that Corinne's boyfriend fully supports her. The two have reportedly been "inseparable" since she got back.

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