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15 Photos That Prove Kailyn Lowry Is So Ready for Baby #3

TV Nicole Fabian-Weber Jun 19, 2017

kailyn lowry

The world collectively gasped when it was revealed that Kailyn Lowry was pregnant with baby number three -- after all, no one knew who on earth the baby daddy could be. But as time went on, and as Kailyn has grown more vocal about her pregnancy (after much speculation, she confirmed that the father is in fact Chris Lopez), it's more than obvious that the Teen Mom 2 star is more than ready to become a mother again. 

From sweet sonogram Instagrams to even sweeter baby bump selfies, here are 15 signs that show Kailyn is ready and waiting for baby number three -- with or without Lopez. 

2Bump It Up

Here's another sweet bump shot a few weeks later. Kailyn is positively glowing!

3Raising Her Tribe

Not only did Kail's sweet caption say "Little one" with a heart emoji next to this shot, her shirt pretty much says it all. Love!

6Sun & Fun

Not only does Kailyn look fantastic during this pregnancy, she doesn't look the slightest bit worried -- so back off, haters. 

8Happy Bump Day

How cute does Kailyn look here? Also, very cute that she wished her fans a "Happy Bump Day" next to this shot. 

9Mom Times 3, Plus a Degree!

Kailyn, rightfully, was super proud when she graduated college after six long years -- but clearly the fact that she's pregnant with her third made the momentous day all the more special. Congrats!

11Baby Date

Gorgeous! Kailyn didn't have just one date to the MTV Movie Awards, she had two -- Amber Portwood and baby Lowry. 

12Alright in White

Very few people can pull off anything tight and white during their pregnancy (especially their third!), but Kail can and she knows it. 

14Rainbow Baby

So sweet. After having a miscarriage, Kailyn celebrated her rainbow baby with this beautiful photo of a "worth the wait" onesie. 

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