Amber Portwood's Subtle Move Shows How Over Matt Baier She Is

matt baier

New Instagram, who 'dis? Either Amber Portwood has been planning on breaking things off with Matt Baier for a while now, or she just did a clean sweep of any recent traces of him on her social media accounts. As of now, Matt is basically nowhere to be found on Amber's Instagram page. In fact, the most recent photo of him is from the beginning of January. Matt's Instagram tells a different story, though. 


Amber has never been one to saturate her 'gram with photos of her and Matt, but we could have sworn there were a few more recent shots of the couple than January. This is the last time Matt can be seen on Amber's Instagram:

amber portwood

January 3, people. Over five months ago!

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Not surprisingly, Matt's Instagram is the yin to Amber's yang. The second shot on his page? This:

matt baier amber portwood kissing

Granted, it was taken on May 31, but still. If he wasn't still carrying a torch for Amber -- or, you know, whatever he's carrying -- he would have deleted this. 

Here's another recent shot:

matt baier instagram

Although she's been somewhat cagey about the details of their breakup, Amber has made no mistake about the fact that she is done with Matt and moving on in her life -- and, quite possibly, that means her social media life, as well. 

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We'll see what happens between the two. There are rumblings that Amber and Matt are headed to Marriage Boot Camp to try to fix their relationship, so who knows? But for now, we're just enjoying Amber's relatively Matt-free Instagram.

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