Farrah Abraham & Her Mom Get in Knock Down Drag Out Fight

farrah abraham braids

We've always known that Farrah Abraham wasn't a huge fan of her mom's fiancé, but we didn't realize it was this bad! In a new clip from this week's upcoming episode of Marriage Boot Camp, Farrah and Debra fight over David, and it's not pretty.


Of course, by "fight," we really mean "engage in a near-violent screaming match," and you know how Farrah keeps saying she doesn't want her mom marrying David the doctor? It's like that, but kicked up about 10 notches. It's so insane you have to see it for yourself.


Farrah is pretty upset that David didn't ask her before popping the question to Debra, and we can't exactly blame her ... but then again, if he makes Debra happy, who's Farrah to judge? Basically, the whole thing is a huge mess. 

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In the clip, Farrah even goes so far as to call David a con artist, and it's pretty clear that her hatred for him goes even deeper than what we've seen on Teen Mom OG. If she and her mom are going to get along ever again, this is one big obstacle they'll have to overcome. 

Will Farrah attend Debra's wedding? Will there be a wedding at all? We can't wait to find out ... and hopefully, these two will be able to work something out. They've been through too much as mother and daughter to let all their progress go now! 

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