The Best Reality Show to Watch, Based on Astrological Sign

Image: TLC

The Roloffs

When it comes to folks' favorite reality TV show, chances are people are either pretty shameless ("on Mondays, I'm all about drinking the wine and watching The Bachelorette!") or secretly bingeing (Long Island Medium, anyone?). Ever wonder why that one series just seems to always be entertaining? Always looking for the next reality obsession? Perhaps it's time to consider the sun sign (aka the zodiac). 


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The zodiac can tell us so many things about our personalities; what kind of job we'll have, who our friends will be, and even what our deepest desires are. Even the most stubborn Taurus will have to agree that the zodiac sometimes gets things really right. In fact, the zodiac might be so keyed into our personalities that it can even tell us which TV shows we should be watching! That's right, the zodiac knows what we should be binge watching! Sure it's not an exact science, but wouldn't it be fun to know which shows are perfect for a Gemini, Aquarius, or Leo? Well, let us share the 411 -- we found the perfect zodiac and TV pairings. Trust. 

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Discover here which reality show one is bound to be a fan of (or probably already tunes into regularly), based on zodiac sign.

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