Amber Portwood's Bruise Photo Has Some Fans Outraged

amber portwood purple hair

Whatever's going on between Amber Portwood and Matt Baier right now isn't pretty. Now that Amber has confirmed she and her former fiancé have split, there might be more to it than what we see on Teen Mom OG. On Tuesday, Amber posted a photo of her "battle wounds," and fans are pretty angry. 


If you've been paying attention to Amber's recent relationship woes, she just went on an Instagram rant and claimed that "real women don't report domestic abuse" -- a statement that is so untrue we don't even know where to begin with it. And now, her injury is a small scratch on her finger. We have no idea what to think! 

amber portwood

There's no way of knowing whether the scratch came from Matt or from something else. Either way, her fans aren't happy with her making light of such a serious situation ... or insinuating that "real women" wouldn't get help, which isn't exactly the best message to spread. 

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Whatever's going on, we hope Amber is okay. No matter what happens next, her split from Matt is definitely a good thing. After seeing the way they've interacted recently on Teen Mom OG, the best thing for her would be to go her own way without that kind of stress in her life. 

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