'Bachelor in Paradise' Cast Member Claims Corinne Olympios Was 'Very With It' During Alleged Hookup



As of today, both Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson have issued formal statements indicating that they've hired lawyers to represent them during the investigation into what happened between them in Mexico. And while Corinne claims that she is a victim, and DeMario says that his "character has been assassinated," TMZ is now reporting that a Bachelor in Paradise cast member witnessed the incident -- and she has an opinion as to whether or not Corinne was lucid.


Apparently the anonymous female cast member walked right by the two of them, and "saw Corinne with her top off and her legs wrapped around DeMario." Corinne supposedly "yelled out" to the cast member and addressed her by name, and seemed "very with it."

There were also reportedly cameras following this person as she walked by the pool, which would indicate that the whole thing was caught on video. Supposedly this woman insists that she would have intervened if she thought Corinne was too drunk to know what was happening.

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This cast member also reportedly remembers Corinne talking about the hookup the day after it happened, and added that she was worried about her boyfriend back home finding out about it, but never indicated that she did not consent to it.

The Daily Mail also has a new report from an anonymous friend of DeMario's who supposedly witnessed the pool incident, and this person claims that not only was Corinne was lucid, but she was also the aggressor in the whole scenario.

Corinne's attorney, Marty Singer, however, maintains that she is the victim here. He told TMZ, "If nothing inappropriate happened, why did production get shut down? Something serious clearly happened."

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