Fan Claims Jenelle Evans Tried to Fight Her at the Airport


We all know about Jenelle Evans's volatile past, but could she be returning to her old ways? Apparently on her way home from vacation this week, a Teen Mom 2 fan accused Jenelle of verbally assaulting her, and it sounds like the whole thing was a total mess.

According to Wetpaint, the fight went down at the St. Thomas airport while Jenelle, David, Jenelle's son Jace, and David's daughter Maryssa were on their way home from their trip. Not only is there video footage of what went down, but the fan also took to Facebook to explain her side of the story.

The site reports that in the fan's Facebook status -- and the comments that followed -- she said she was trying to get food for her family, but Jenelle and David thought she was trying to take photos of them and not the menu. And what happened next is a bit unsettling.

She wrote: 

"When I went to walk out of the cafe her boyfriend (kind of a jerk) rushed me with his phone in my face and said I'm videoing you you like it?! He was very aggressive and when someone came and pulled him away Jenelle got in my face and was like, I know you know who I am and I saw you taking a video of me because I'm on TV and a reality star! She was all up in my face and completely out of line especially since I wasn't taking pictures of them!! Everyone around me thought her boyfriend and I knew each other at first... and when they realized I didn't they all got up and went and got security bc of how out of line they were. I was so caught off guard and felt attacked. I was in shock. It was crazy." 

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And then, there's the video: 


The fan says she wasn't taking photos and videos of Jenelle, even though David's voice can be heard accusing her of doing just that ... and the footage made its way to Jenelle's Snapchat soon enough. 

And as usual, she took to Twitter to defend herself, even though she ended up deleting the tweets later in true Jenelle fashion. It's hard to say exactly who's in the right here, but we don't doubt that we'll be hearing about it again from Jenelle in the future. 

Sigh. Hopefully this whole thing was just a huge misunderstanding! 

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