Kailyn Lowry's Solo Babymoon Sounds Like a Dream Come True

Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry's due date keeps getting closer and closer, and this mama seems to be loving every second of the end of her pregnancy! Kail just took a solo babymoon, but even though she's getting pity for it, it actually seems like she had an awesome time.


If you follow Kail on Instagram, you've probably been drooling over her vacation photos over the last few days just like we have. She's been in Puerto Rico, catching rays and hanging out in the ocean, but according to Radar Online, she's spending her babymoon totally alone -- minus her kids or any of her friends. 

kailyn lowry babymoon

A source close to the Teen Mom 2 star told the site: 

"She wanted to go back to Puerto Rico before the baby comes. The boys were with their dads so she went for a few days." 

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So far, people seem to be pitying her for her solo trip, but if you ask us? We should all be jealous instead! She's obviously having a great time, and it seems like the perfect way to celebrate the next chapter of her life that's about to begin. 

Besides, if Kail's going to be raising this little one by herself -- and at this point, it definitely sounds like she's going to -- why not treat herself, too? Between graduating college, her pregnancy, and her divorce, the past year has obviously been a challenging one for her. She deserves a little relaxation! 

We can't wait for her baby to arrive, but it's awesome that Kail's having fun in the meantime. Now we just need her to post more photos of her adventures! 

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