Here's Who Amber Portwood Should Date Now That She's Single

CafeMom Contributors | Jun 16, 2017 TV

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Now that our girl Amber Portwood appears to back on the market following a split from fiancé Matt Baier, what better time than to think of all the potential dating options for the Teen Mom OG star?

Check out our list of possible suitors for Amber -- and let us know, who do you think the reality star should go out with next?

  • Ben Higgins


    Ben Higgins is sweet, handsome, knows the ins and outs of being a reality star (Bachelor, anyone?), and is now back on the market after splitting with fiancée Lauren Bushnell. We think these Ben and Amber would have a lot to relate about! Not to mention, Ben's proven he's good with kids -- remember how good he was with Amanda Stanton's daughters on The Bachelor?

  • A Friend or Relative of Cole DeBoer's


    Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer's husband Cole DeBoer has proven himself to be an IRL Prince Charming, having swept the Teen Mom 2 star off her feet and becoming the ultimate father figure for her daughter Aubree. Chances are, he's gotta have a friend or relative who's as awesome as he is, right? Amber, call Chelsea and have her hook you up!

  • A Regular Non-Famous Dude

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    Sure, a guy who's been on reality TV or in the public eye in general would be able to relate to a lot of what goes on in Amber's busy life, but maybe her best bet would be to find someone with a normal, day-to-day routine and a steady job. It could help balance out some of the hectic stuff that comes along with her being on TV and running her own clothing and jewelry business.

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  • Robby Hayes


    Robby was runner-up on JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette -- poor guy made it so, so close to marrying his dream girl, and it's clear he's ready to look for someone to settle down with. Amber could be just the gal for him, seeing as they both know a thing or two about experiencing relationship woes on national television. They both seem like down-to-earth people who could have a lot of fun together.

  • A Guy Who Doesn't Watch Reality TV

    Ben White/Unsplash

    It's possible that Amber's best bet might be to find someone who doesn't recognize her at all from TV -- someone she knows will appreciate her for who she is, without caring about any of the flashy television stuff attached to her name.

  • Rob Kardashian


    Rob K's a single dude now, after splitting with Blac Chyna. Both Rob and Amber have experienced letting their lives play out on TV, and both are moving on from dramatic breakups. They're also now single parents. Perhaps these two could be the perfect match.

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  • A Friend of the Family

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    Amber has always been super close to her brother, from what we've seen on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. She seems to trust his judgment and love him very much. So who better than her brother to help introduce her to the right guy? He'd clearly want the best for his sister and wouldn't set her up with anyone he felt was wrong for her.

  • Javi Marroquin


    Okay, okay, so this would be getting a little incestuous in the Teen Mom universe, but, assuming Kailyn Lowry was cool with it, maybe a Javi-Amber romance could bloom? They both have kids, they both have the unique experience of being inside the Teen Mom bubble, and they both are looking for love. Hey, stranger love matches have happened!

  • Jeremy Calvert


    Another Teen Mom match? Jeremy Calvert is single after splitting with fiancée Brooke Wehr, and he also knows very well what being in the Teen Mom universe is like. If Leah Messer didn't mind, maybe Jer and Amber could give things a try?

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  • Vinny Ventiera


    Another Bachelor Nation dude! Vinny got the boot from JoJo's season of The Bachelorette, and then he was left heartbroken again on season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise when the girl he was seeing left him for another man. Vinny is clearly looking for love, and Amber, being another reality TV vet who has been searching for the right partner in life, might be just the gal. They're both kind, fun, and cool, and they could get along well together.

  • A Fashion Guy

    Alex Holyoake/Unsplash

    Seeing as how Amber's running her own clothing and makeup line, maybe finding a guy who's got similar interests in the fashion world could be a great match for our girl.

  • Chris Harrison


    To be fair, Chris might be a little old for Amber, but the always well-dressed Bachelor host has been doing the reality TV game for a long time now -- and he could definitely have advice and wisdom for Ambs, helping her navigate this crazy reality TV world along the way. Do you think Chris could be a potential partner for our gal?

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  • A Musician

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    Amber posts a lot of pics with her headphones on Instagram, and has made it clear that her "nightly routine" is listening to music before bed. She has indicated that it helps her wind down. Perhaps dating a musician is in Amber's future?

  • A Fitness Guy

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    Amber seems to feel at her best when she's on the move and taking care of herself. She's a fan of kickboxing and MMA as well. A guy who's into physical fitness could be a great match for our girl.

  • Nobody at All

    Sahitya Kakarla/Unsplash

    Perhaps the best boyfriend of all for our girl right now is no one at all. After all, she doesn't need a man to be happy or to complete her. If she takes the time to focus on herself and her family, then all the better.

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