Farrah Abraham Sparks Pregnancy Rumors Again With New 'Baby Bump' Video

farrah abraham vacation

Hmm. Even though we were under the impression that she and Simon Saran were not currently together, lo and behold, Farrah Abraham has sparked pregnancy rumors once again. We first wondered if Farrah has a bun in the oven back in May, after a photo was shared of her on vacation with Simon.


Since she's typically known for wearing more revealing and/or fitted clothing, it was kind of a surprise to see her in a flowy dress like this.

farrah abraham simon saran

But any baby-to-be rumors were quickly shot down that time ... though now another video of Farrah has us wondering if she could possibly be expecting. She is noticeably fuller around the mid-section. Check it out.

Simon was quick to set the record straight, tweeting:

Simon Saran Twitter

Huh. Maybe this is just a food baby, you know, like most of us wind up with at one point or another? Everyone's weight fluctuates, sometimes even on a daily basis, so perhaps we should give her the benefit of the doubt. Reality stars are just as real as we are, right?

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Of course, we're not totally ruling out the possibility of Farrah giving Sophia a sibling at some point down the road. With running four businesses and filming Teen Mom OG, it's really not an ideal time for Farrah to be expanding her family, but someday she's bound to want to settle down.

In the meantime, let's just go ahead and take Simon's word for it, and assume Farrah isn't expecting. At least until the next suspicious photo pops up.

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