'Bachelor in Paradise' Crew Member Gives Horrific Details of Incident Between Corinne Olympios & DeMario Jackson

corinne and demario

If the details of what allegedly happened between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson during Bachelor in Paradise filming weren't already shocking enough, a new account of what happened has come out from an "anonymous crew member" who reportedly witnessed the incident. And if this person is telling the truth, it's even more horrific than we imagined.


The report was published by the Daily Mail, and the source who supposedly saw what happened indicates that Corinne "seemed to go limp" during the encounter, which would lead us to believe that she may not have been conscious. The insider said:

"There was hugging and kissing and touching, but before long, she seemed to go limp and was sliding under water. DeMario kept trying to hold her up and at the same time he appeared to be having intercourse with her. After he finished -- which only lasted a few seconds -- he lifted her out of the water and laid her on the cement, where he proceeded to have oral sex with her. She appeared to be unconscious. At that point some of the crew came out and carried her off to her room. She was limp and seemed unable to walk on her own."

This account completely contradicts what sources say DeMario Jackson told them about what happened, according to a report from TMZ. He seemed to insinuate that Corinne was the one who initiated the sexual contact, saying she first climbed into his lap at the bar, where they began making out, and that she then suggested they move to the pool area. He also claims that she "put her genitals in his face and he began licking," and said that he was too drunk to perform intercourse.

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The anonymous crew member also went on to add:

"One of the things that really disturbed people was that no one called a doctor or paramedic, which some felt they should have. Instead someone made the decision to just let her sleep it off. When Corinne awoke the next morning, people began filling her in on what happened the night before, because she claimed to have absolutely no recollection of what transpired."

Corinne maintains that she did not consent anything with DeMario, and also supposedly told friends that she has a boyfriend, and would never have engaged in such behavior for fear of losing the relationship. She also has reportedly hired a lawyer in the wake of everything that has happened.

We don't want to speculate or draw conclusions, but if this new source is telling the truth, we can't help but be completely disgusted. Yes, the show lends itself to scenarios where contestants have too much to drink and wind up hooking up -- but this is completely beyond anything that's happened on past seasons.

To make matters worse, Corinne is being shamed and bullied on social media, because apparently some people think the fact that they won't be watching Bachelor in Paradise this summer is more important than her safety. It's so horrible to even conceive of how anyone would have their priorities that messed up. Given how appalled we are after hearing all of the alleged details, we can't even begin to imagine how difficult all this must be for Corinne. Our thoughts are with her, and hopefully she knows that despite the haters, she has plenty of fans who are supporting her.

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