Matt Baier's Cheating Isn't What Caused Amber to Break Up With Him

amber portwood

It's all making sense now. Despite the fact that most people thought Amber Portwood broke up with Matt Baier for his infidelity and failure to pass a lie detector test, the real reason was made clear on Monday night's episode of Teen Mom OG. Amber broke up with Matt because of his alleged pill addiction


Initially in the episode, the pair were gung-ho about booking a wedding venue and planning their upcoming nuptials. But things took a sour turn when Amber found out that Matt was quick to offer Catelynn Lowell a Xanax when she was feeling anxious. "Cate was having a lot of anxiety. I found out Matt gave her a Xanax and I'm freaking out because he shouldn't have any if he's clean," Amber said during the show. 

After she confronted Matt, he -- not surprisingly -- begged her to forgive him, because he just made one little itty-bitty mistake, right? "I'm sorry about last night. Do you forgive daddy?" Matt asked Amber (vomit). "Will you still marry me? Baby come on, I'm sorry, I made one mistake."

Amber, thankfully, wouldn't have it, though. "You've made more than one f-cking mistake, I'm not doing it. I'm mic'd up so you need to f-cking stop," she told him. Yasss

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Basically, things just became one giant hot mess when Matt talked to one of the producers, telling her that he was done with Amber and how all he needs is five minutes with the press so he can tell them "what Amber is really like."

Ultimately, by the end of the episode, Amber seemed like she wasn't ready to get married to Matt. "As of now I don't know [if we're getting married]," she told Catelynn and Maci. "I think he has his own issues he needs to deal with. I think he needs to go figure out what he's doing with his shit. I know where I'm going. He'd be lucky right now if we got married."

And of course what we've seen and heard on social media since then point to Matt and Amber being broken up. Thank. God.

Hopefully, Amber will be smart and stick to her guns about Matt. He's obviously not a good dude, and if she really wants to move on with her life, she needs to do it without him.  

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