Jenelle Evans Takes Serious Heat for Taking Jace on Vacation

jenelle evans jace

She just can't win. After having almost zero custody of her eldest son, Jenelle Evans decided to treat Jace to some much-needed one-on-one time in the form of an awesome vacation. Jenelle, along with her fiancé David Eason and his daughter Maryssa, brought her first-born on an amazing holiday in the Virgin Islands. But of course, people are already giving Jenelle crap for "ditching her other kids." Seriously, people? 


If you've been following Jenelle's custody battle with her mom Barbara, you know that it's been a long road for the Teen Mom 2 star. For a long time, Barbara had sole custody of Jace and rarely let her daughter see her son. Recently, though, Jenelle was granted more -- not full -- custody of Jace, which includes her having him on weekends, holidays, and during the summer. 

To celebrate this massive step, Jenelle decided to take her son on a vacation alone, presumably so they could reconnect without Jace having to compete with his two younger half-siblings for his mom's attention. And from the looks of things, it was a great idea:

jenelle evans son jace

jenelle evans son jace vacation

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Buuut of course, the haters came after they saw that she left her two younger kids at home. 


Jenelle, rarely one to GAF, was quick to let the good people of Twitter know how felt about their criticism. 

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Jenelle certainly hasn't always made the best decisions in life, but she sure as hell is getting her crap together these days -- she's far from being a person who would "ditch" her kids. And she's right, after everything they've been through, Jace does deserve this trip. 

No matter what she does, she's going to get criticism from people. The important thing is that she ignores the haters, sticks to her guns, and trusts that everything she's doing is in the best interest of her kids. 

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