Corinne Olympios Being Cruelly Shamed After 'Bachelor in Paradise' Cancellation

Corinne Olympios
London Entertainment/Splash News

Just when we thought the alleged Bachelor in Paradise sexual misconduct incident couldn't possibly get any worse, things just kicked up yet another notch. While there are no official reports as to what actually happened in Mexico, Corinne Olympios is being blamed, slut-shamed, and cruelly attacked on social media for the show's cancellation.


Even though several outlets are reporting that the incident in the pool happened between Corinne and DeMario Jackson, that information has still not been confirmed. There are also conflicting stories as to whether or not the alleged sexual contact was consensual.

According to the latest report from TMZ, Corinne did not consent to sexual contact with DeMario, and has hired a lawyer. Perhaps that will make people think twice about throwing judgment her way.

Here are some of the more "colorful" tweets and comments that have been thrown her way thus far.







Well, then ...

It never ceases to amaze us what people are willing to say about others on social media, particularly those they have never met, and know nothing about.

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Regardless of your opinion of Corinne, this is clearly a serious situation, and whatever happened on Bachelor in Paradise is not something to be taken lightly, poked fun at, ridiculed, or anything in between. The whole incident is bad enough without adding any unnecessary fuel to the fire.

Let's hope that Corinne is wise enough to refrain from reading any hateful comments or tweets that are sent her way. She may be a tough cookie, but everybody has their breaking point.

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