'Bachelor in Paradise' Sexual Misconduct Incident: What Really Happened?

bachelor in paradise

We were all pretty shocked by the news that Bachelor in Paradise has canceled filming after an alleged incident involving sexual misconduct, and of course, we're wondering what actually happened in Mexico that resulted in such a bold move by Warner Brothers.


The show is definitely known for pushing the limits and allowing for scenarios where contestants engage in intimate behavior, but it's pretty clear that some sort of line was crossed this time around.

Not surprisingly, there are various reports popping up today that discuss and question what happened in paradise. Based on what we've read, here is a roundup of the alleged details of what went down.

UPDATE 2:00 p.m. ET: According to TMZ, Corinne did not consent to sexual contact with DeMario. She claims she was in a "blackout" state, and is also reportedly blaming producers for not protecting her. She also supposedly told her friends that she would never do what she is said to have done, because she has a boyfriend and would not want to put the relationship in jeopardy. Corinne has reportedly hired a lawyer.

TMZ initially reported that the two contestants involved in the encounter were DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios. They talked with DeMario and got his account of the incident. Supposedly he and Corinne were told by producers that they would have a hookup as part of the show's story line. He says they were at the bar consuming alcohol, and Corinne got into his lap and they began "making out." DeMario claims after that, Corinne suggested that they move to the pool area -- and at that point, clothes came off, and there was "rubbing, touching, and fingering" going on. He also alleges that Corinne "put her genitals in his face," and he "began licking."

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According to DeMario, it was not until the next day that he and Corinne were notified by a producer that another producer had seen what happened, and had filed a complaint against Warner Brothers for alleged sexual misconduct. At that point, DeMario and Corinne were sent home, and filming was halted.

TMZ has since followed up with a new report, this time alleging that Corinne may have been the victim of sexual assault -- and may have been unable to consent to what went down in the pool because she was too intoxicated. Reportedly there was also a producer who was supposed to have been shadowing Corinne, and this person began hearing from others that Corinne may have not been aware of what was taking place with DeMario. Apparently the encounter was caught on film, and insiders who saw the footage told TMZ that Corinne appeared "fully engaged" in the behavior.

Interestingly enough, People magazine is refusing to name the female cast member involved in the incident, even though multiple sources have named Corinne. A source told the site:

"The show absolutely values the primacy of consent, and this instance it appears as though conduct allegedly occurred without the proper consent having been given."

People was also told that two other cast members on the show saw what happened between DeMario and the "other female," and that they were upset that crew members did nothing to stop it. One cast member said:

"People are pissed, and not just at DeMario. We're pissed that this whole thing happened. They could have seen that she was drinking too much and that he was taking advantage. They could have stopped this before it got this far. But they decided to let it go, and let it happen, and see what happened? So, I'm angry at the show, and everyone else is too."

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It's impossible to know what really happened until official statements are made, but we have a feeling this is just the first in a series of details that will come out regarding the incident.

As for the future of Bachelor in Paradise season 4, or any future seasons of the show? Guess only time will tell whether or not it continues.

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