Amber Portwood Finally Wised Up & Kicked Matt Baier to the Curb

Amber Portwood Matt Baier

If you listen carefully enough, you can hear Teen Mom fans everywhere sighing in collective relief. Apparently, Amber Portwood has broken up with Matt Baier -- for good


At a recent taping of Teen Mom OG in New York (that hasn't yet aired), Amber evidently admitted that she ended things -- once and for all -- with her on-again, off-again fiancé, Matt Baier. 

Despite the fact that there were a zillion reasons for Amber to break things off with Matt, there have been many points when it seemed like the pair were going to patch things up -- even if they weren't going to get married. 

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However, it's been reported that during an Instagram livestream over the weekend, Amber basically said that she dumped Matt and is moving on with her life. She wasn't 100 percent sure what she could and couldn't reveal due to her contract with MTV, but she coyly said, "Do you see him in my bed?" when a fan asked if she and Matt were still together. And if that wasn't enough to believe the good news, she then said that she "has no man" and is single, but unsure if, legally, she could talk about it. 

Even though she didn't go into too much detail, it's safe to assume that the couple's latest breakup is because of Matt's cheating on Amber and then failing a lie detector test about it. If that's not grounds for a breakup, not sure what is. 

Sources say that Matt is still hopeful that he and Amber will patch things up, as they so often do. But dear God, let's all hope that Amber stays strong this time and doesn't go back to Matt and their ridiculously unhealthy relationship. 

You're way too good for him, girl. On to bigger and better things!

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